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Voice over for 3 characters in a cartoon animation project

Shaman and the Cherokee Adventures

It is a digital animation film about Shaman a teacher of music and dance. 

Whose battling Reptilians and other creatures through inter dimensional channels.
The children’s music will overcome any obstacles against them.

Lucky, Shaman’s spiritual advisor, will help guide the team along the way.

I do voice-over for three characters in this film Lucky, Shepherd, and King Dinosaur.


Shaman’s spiritual advisor Is an old friendly ghost that helps his friend Shaman to make decisions? He does this by talking to him through his mind and sometimes even with song and dance. He loves to laugh and entertain all that meets him.​

​King Dinosaur- 

The evil ruler of the the planet Reptilia. He is trying to escape Shaman's strong mind power manipulation. 


15 years old boy. A young dance student who helps defend Poke a Dot planet. He loves to dance and sing.  Among his friends he is very funny kind of guy.

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