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Signed Recording Christian Artist

Independent Recording Pop / Dance / Spanish / Rap / Christian Singer


Songwriter for various artists.
Several songs have been recorded.

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*Available to buy at all music platforms sites- iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon Music, Reverbnation, etc. Please stream, buy, support, like, share, and be my YouTube subscribers.*

  • Blue Birds In The Sky - (Christian) - a song that celebrates our Lord and all his greatness. Knowing he has his hands helping us in our everyday lives. The power of the Lord with you is remarkable.

  • Bésame, bésame- Bebe - (Spanish) A song was written in Spanish about being in love with someone  -but they had fallen out of love with you. You can’t live without them it’s just breaking you up inside.

  • That Chick Mariah- (Pop / Rap) - ​A song about a girl that is just a gorgeous diva in every light.  A breathtaking person you want to be constantly around in this world and spend time with.

  • I Dream of Your Love - (Pop) It's an women's anthem of empowerment without the father of their child or children. 

  • Because You Prayed for Me - (Christian) - When someone prays for you constantly like your mother, loved one, or a total stranger.

  • Dear Sweet Jesus of Mine - (Christian/Gospel) - Talking to the man above GOD and just letting him know you haven't been doing right and want him to just guide you. 

  • No More I Love You's- (Christian) - This is when you are trying to do the best you can but everyone around you seems not on your side. You realize GOD has always been.

  • Are You Ready - (Christian/Gospel) - This song was one of the hardest to record just because it's the only single that I didn't write myself.  It is about when are you going to realize that you need GOD in your life.

  • Crazy Talk - (Pop/Rap) - Everything about recording, making, filming, and performing has memories that make giggles smile each time. It's when you have a person that makes you feel you lost yourself in them in an exciting way and can't get enough of them. They both feel the same intense way of being hooked on each other.

  • Daydream - (Pop) - When you have this mutual forbidden attraction passion towards someone. They can't help themselves find secret times with you. A secret you both keep with no regrets.

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