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Signed Recording Christian / Gospel Artist

Independent Recording Pop / Dance / Latin Singer

Song Writer/Composer

Songwriter for three artists.
Several songs have been recorded.

Genre: Contemporary, Country, Gospel, Pop, R&B, Rap, Spanish.

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  • The Artist Rachel Delgado's hit song that I wrote is called FREAKY BABY - (Pop) - A song about doing crazy things with your partner behind closed doors. Showing you’re the best & NO ONE can duplicate hotness like you!

  • Blue Birds In The Sky - (Christian/Gospel) - a song that celebrates our Lord and all his greatness. Knowing he has his hands helping us in our everyday lives. The power of the Lord with you is remarkable.

  • Bésame, bésame- Bebe - (Spanish) A song was written in Spanish about being in love with someone  -but they had fallen out of love with you. You can’t live on without them it’s just breaking you up inside.

  • That Chick Mariah- (Hip Hop/Pop) - ​A song about a girl that is just a gorgeous diva in every light.  A breathtaking person you want to be around and spend time with.

  • I Dream of your Love - (Christian/Pop) It's an women's anthem of empowerment without the father of their child or children. 

  • Because You Prayed for Me - (Christian/Gospel) - When someone prays for you constantly like your mother, loved one, or a total stranger.

  • Dear Sweet Jesus of Mine - (Christian/Gospel) - Talking to the man above GOD and just letting him know you haven't been doing right and want him to just guide you. 

  • No More I Love You's- (Christian/Gospel) - This is when you are trying to do the best you can but everyone around you seems not on your side. You realize GOD has always been.

  • Are You Ready - (Christian/Gospel) - This song was one of the hardest to record just because it's the only single that I didn't write myself.  It is about when are you going to realize that you need GOD in your life.

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