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   Divon Delgado was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas as a Texan. His natural creative talents have given him numerous opportunities, as a Public Figure, Banker, National Best Seller, 11x times Published Author, CEO/ Owner of Divonville Books, Signed Recording Christian/Gospel Artist, Composer/ Songwriter, Actor, Model, Teacher, and Public Speaker. He has performed Voice-Over for TV and appeared in several Movies, Reality, TV shows, and music videos. He had an Online Show as the Host called “Guilty Pleasure”. Divon has developed a reputation as a notable humanitarian and child abuse awareness Advocate. Ever the entrepreneur, Divon Delgado is also the creator of a fragrance collection called “Sexy Back” and “Besame Bebe. " He received an award and acknowledgment letter from The White House. It was signed by our prior President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle during their first term in office for Divon’s Autobiography book. Plus, he was graciously interviewed by the White House Secret Service too.


    Although Divon does have a degree in accounting diploma and has studied in the Psychology sector, one of his primary passions is in participating and giving back to his community of San Antonio, Texas, where he resides. Divon also does pro bono work for individuals in need of counseling.


    Prior to these most recent pursuits, Divon worked as a "Court Appointed Special Advocate" volunteer for the National association called (C.A.S.A ). While there, he participated in the judicial system hands-on as a liaison between the families, protective custody services, and the children. By working closely with the dedicated staff at DFPS – Texas Child Protective Services (CPS) – Divon has been able to continue his efforts to preserve the well-being of children involved in distressing situations. Children understand the difference between those who work their case vs. those who care about their wellbeing and future.


  Most recently, Divon has been working as a "Child Specialist" for a TX non-profit agency. JRC Texas, formerly known as St. Jude’s Ranch for Children, cares for children and families who have been affected by trauma, abuse, and neglect and have been removed from their homes by the Department of Family and Protective Services. They are their safe haven and offer help and hope to begin the journey of healing. The mission is to offer healing and hope to children and families affected by abuse, abandonment, or neglect. A vision is that abused and neglected children will be empowered to grow up to be happy, productive, and caring adults.


   Divon Delgado has spoken live at the Valero Energy Corporation, The Salvation Army Hope Center, and many other companies to interact with victims for encouragement. He is always ready to share his story and experiences; to educate listeners about the taboo topic of abuse. Public speaking has given Divon the desire to reach a broader audience; hence, he has been traveling and doing lectures and book readings on this topic. 


     Divon was also the 2014-2015 Media Chair with JDRF, a non-profit organization in search of a cure for Diabetes. His team – “Divon Advocates” – walked and ran 5k for the cause. Divon raised funds for this organization and awareness of the cause that he believed in.  He made sure all communication and events went smoothly. Was prepared for a backup artist and informed what was going on next during the line-up. 


     Visit Divonville.com to reach author Divon Delgado and find him at the next book signing, film, TV show, music video, or TV commercial. Most of all, Divon thanks his team and fans for their support of his creative aspirations. 

     Facts about Divon Delgado a National Bestseller & 11x Published Books Author :

*Books are on kindle and sold at www.divonville.com besides other platforms.

*1st book/Autobiography, NonFiction - "Survival and Redemption" (Award acknowledgment from White House Prior President Obama & First Lady, plus copy was sold of the book at highest price $1,012.90 on Amazon)

*2nd book/Children's Series Books - "Hound Dog and Mariah's- Daring adventures” 2nd published (sold per copy of the book at the highest of $975.00 on Amazon)

*3rd book/Children's Series Books - "Hound Dog and Mariah -help find Picasso a forever home"

*4th book/Autobiography, NonFiction - "La Supervivencia Y La Redención" (1st Spanish Edition) 4th published still crossing language barriers around the world) highest sold on at $499.00

*5th book/Horror, Fiction - "My Demon World" (Made National Bestseller- Bookselling half of the millions of copies in 5 min with the prior company) since then I have obtained full publishing rights.

*6th book/Children's Series Books - "Hound Dog, Mariah, and Picasso -Tales of Momma”

*7th book/Autobiography, NonFiction - "My Name is Chris- Survival And Redemption" My Autobiography about my REAL life story.

*8th book/Children's Series Books - "The Tale of Hound Dog (The love of my best friend)" He was a pure breed (Basset Hound Dog) My dog's biography life story. #RIP in doggie heaven now.

*9th book /Children's Series Books - "The Tale of Mariah Starr (The Princess and Hound Dog)" My female (Coydog) Coyote mixed with a dog. Her doggie biography life story.

*10th book /Horror, Fiction - "Kill Krissy Part 1" based on part real events, not the murders.

*11th book /Children's Series Books - "The Tale of Picasso (Hound Dog & Mariah welcome him to a forever home)" He's a (Russell Terrier mix)

My dog's biography life story.

** Many of my books have been personally signed by Divon Delgado. Plus are still being donated to causes to help against child abuse and animal cruelty charities! **

#GoogleMe www.divonville.com


Signed Recording Artist/Singer, Composer/ SongWriter for himself & other artists as:

*Artist Rachel Delgado- “Freaky Baby”, “Chasing A Dream”, "Chasing A Dream- (Remix)", “Find Me”

*Artist Monica Ritchie - "Extrano Tu Amor"

*Has written for a 3x Tejano Grammy Award Artist

*Also written for a Country Super Star Artist

*Plus many other talented singers are not listed.

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