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Divon Delgado Video's

Spanish single:

"Bésame, Bésame - Bebe"


Divon Delgado

Please REQUEST, buy, share, and dance along with me. #BesameBesameBaby #spanishmusic

Guilty Pleasures Talk Show

Episode 1

Host Divon Delgado

with  special guests:

Krissy D. Nash

Carmelio Castro

CD: Inspired

Pop Single: I Dream of Your Love

Signed Recording Singer / Songwriter

Divon Delgado

Music Video

Divonville Books Store Grand Opening

on September 10, 2016

Pop Single: That Chick Mariah

Signed Recording Singer / Songwriter

Lyric Music Video


Written by Divon Delgado

Ft. Monica Ritchie (Lady M & The Cherokees)

Here's the official commercial for my very own fragrances line "Sexy Back & Besame Bebe" -BUY NOW $29.95 online store at

Do you have yours? ‪#‎SexyBackCologne‬ ‪#‎BesameBebePerfume‬ 

By:Divon Delgado

Nancy O TV Show with Divon Delgado aired March 2016.

Divon Delgado's interview

by Roberta Ann

Hound Dog and Mariah's Daring Adventure -

sold copies for $975 each on

Ortegon Media Sensation Hosted by Monica Ritchie interview with Divon Delgado
Top Notch Boutique E! Network TV Show

Hosted by Divon Delgado

interview with Victoria Owner @ Evolve Boutique


"Rangers Vs Zombies"  band music video


Crazy Talk

Written & vocals by Divon Delgado

ft. Monica Ritchie 


Spanish Short film (Sin Oxigeno)
My roles were the killer and waiter 

Pop Single  Music Video -
Independent Singer /Artist -
              Divon Delgado
Song writer / Composer -                    Divon Delgado
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