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My 12th published book as a National Best Seller Author has been released to the world. ðŸŒŽ ðŸ“šðŸ“– ✍️


"The Tormented True-Life Story of Krissy" This biography of Krissy's true-life journey through betrayal, love, abuse, various doctor's death prediction, cruelty, rapes, survival, mental wards, and ups & downs. From birth until now, she has been a fighter for life. By the time she was four years old, being neglected, hospitalized, mentally, physically, and sexually abused was her everyday living. The scars and pain didn't stop what she was going through as a child. Raped by several men, including the step-dad, beaten, and hit with any object reached by her mother. Threaten of family's death was always held as a reality for Krissy. She was sold and married at fifteen years old for the devil's money. Surviving her daily mental health issues, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood. A piece of Krissy's heart was lost when her older brother Chris vanished. Searching for acceptance and love was always her mission in everything she did. No one fought for her as a child. Krissy wanted her story told to help others. If anyone was going through the hurt or is still being abused. To be a victim no more!

The Tormented True-Life Story of Krissy

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