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My name is Christopher D. Delgado and this is my true life story. I was three years old when I first met my abuser. Mental, physical and sexual abuse was my everyday HELL that I now was living. I was raped, beaten, and strangled with a phone cord. After abuse was told my mother abandoned me. The devil bought her a house, car and gave money to get rid of me. My mother started revenge plots against me. I once wanted my abuser dead for all he did to me but God helped me to forgive him with all my heart. Picking up the pieces I saw the light and this made me stronger to fight for others that don't have a voice. No one fought for me as a child because of that I will be the voice for others. Abuse is all around us; help me fight this battle for all children to stop these secrets and lies! Remember we have a voice that will be heard! I promise you that as long as I can, I will advocate for all of us. *This edition has a new chapter titled "Momma's Redeemed."*

My Name is Chris - Survival And Redemption

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