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  • National Bestseller Author for "My Demon World" (Horror -Fiction book) *Sold Over 500k Copies within 5 minutes* fifth book

  • Award & acknowledgment from White House of prior President Barack Obama, and First Lady Michelle Obama first term in office for 1st book "Survival And Redemption" (Auto-biography book) plus *Secret Service Interviewed*

  • 11x Published Author

  • Fragrances Designer of "Besame Bebe" perfume & "Sexy Back" cologne 

  • Online Social Media TV Show Host -Guilty Pleasure 

  • Prior: Teacher -N.I.S.D & Bank 

  • Actor & Model

  • Humanitarian & Child Abused Advocate 

  • Signed Recording Christian/ Gospel Artist

  • Recording Pop/Dance/Latin Singer

  • Song Composer/Writer

  • CEO/Owner of Divonville Books 

  • Banker for Attorney companies, State of Texas 

  • Prior Choir singer for  "Inspirational Voices"

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