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 Film & TV Credits...
**SAG Eligible**

I am so pround to be living my dreams. It's an amazing experience each time I get to become a role. Seeing my name on the credits or screen is unreal still to me. I am truely blessed to have God pushing me through and giving me these many talents. I hope you all enjoy the stories I am a part of and bringing to a screen near you.

Missing In Texas

Comedic Homeless Man


Playing a comedic homeless man was so much fun. I got to use an accent to change up my real voice. I wanted to really take this character to whole new level with the voice, walk, appearance and personality. 

Lazer Team

(Comedy film)

Army Soldier - Brad Martinez


hit TV Show 


2014 Season 2 

Look out for me

Vegas High Roller



Sexy Bartender

(episode 13)



(Suspense film)



East Texas Trials

(Suspense film)

Bus driver - Mark

Music Video

AJ Hernz - "Do It All"   


I enjoyed the beautiful Trois Estate at Enchanted Rock private resort in the Texas hill country Fredericksburg, Texas where the music video set was located. AJ was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to his video premier. 


Top Notch Boutique

(TV Show)

for the E network

To be asked to HOST for a TV show called “Top Notch Boutique” was simply an honor! They came down to San Antonio to film ME introducing my models wearing the fashions and talking about their awesome all woman’s high end store.

This was such a wonderful group of people to work with. It was fun from start to finish filming this TV Pilot. Having to act tough and unfriendly was something very different than my fun, careful ways. 

Thai Princess

Chief Police Officer James

Music Video 

Eyeshine -

"Rangers vs Zombies"

I was thrilled to be cast as a zombie and a party goer in the "Eyeshine" music video called  Rangers Vs Zombies. 

Dell P Computers









Lipstick! will take you on an in depth journey into the lives of the cast as we make our way through the daily struggles of life; You will be there to witness our highs, lows, failures and triumphs.

I can't wait to see me and other's in this film coming out in December. Nothing big but hey I'm in it with some big names. Plus got a couple of great pay checks. Lol

Skin by Design Dermatology & Laser Center, PA (Print)

Face Model


Dangerous Days

(TV Show Pilot)

Drug Dealer - Pedro


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